Sunday, June 06, 2010

No Title

Beautiful cards and sweet gift was received from these two ladies of my favorite -Pat and BC for my Bday - 45 exact. Love you and sorry for my lack of action on my blog. I like you to see my hood and my nest. Here they are

Monday, April 26, 2010

My New House and Garden

Pat and BC, sorry I abandon my blog for so long. I know that you are my loyal readers. Well I just like to post some pictures of my new house and garden (those you have not seen)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Story in My hood

As you might know, I live in a semi "hood" but still people keep their yard clean and a lot of young kid. Just full of life. But sometimes life might not be easy for every one or a lot. Last weekend, a middle aged guy came and asked if he could mow my yard. He did not ask much. I told him that I would pay double since the backyard is even bigger. He finished the work and got paid. Well, He came back three days later and asked if he could borrow a couple dollar to buy a humberg. I told him that I only had a few coins. I went inside and tried to collect all my coins. Then I realized that all coins might not be enough. I told him that I could go to McDy to get a couple humberg for him. I could tell that he felt so embarrassed and kept telling me that he was sorry to disturb me. then started to walk away. I said it was alright and gave all the coins I had.

He came back yesterday and asked if he could mow my yard again. Well the grass just did not grow fast as he hoped^^. I told him how about he can do it this coming Wednesday. He was so disappointed and asked if he could borrow $5 and I could deduct from the next service. I told him that he can come today to help me clean the flower bed and I can grow veggie this year since I think that I only can do so many projects this summer. I gave him $5 dollar and he walked away.

Today, when I came back from Lowe's, he was waiting outside next to a SUV. Then he introduced his wife and two young kids (a boy and a girl, they are nice and cute kids). He told me that he is separated from his wife and lost his work from the State a longwhile ago. His wife has kids and she has the only car they had together. They just had a bit family together thing. He flipped that whole the flower bed, took all the weeds out and get paid (I did not deduct any). I do not know how much I could help nor any noble. But it definitely gave me a different perspective when I observe so close to others who are so less fortunate than me.

He told that he was so lost when his mom passed away and thing started falling apart. I know he constantly struggles and never knows where the next meal comes from. But he said to me just like a lot of black folks that he has faith in God and thing will work out. I am totally atheist but I feel relieved that he still sees the hope no matter where the faith comes from.

Just share a bit story of my hood.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Tonight

We visited Atlanta earlier this month instead of during Christmas time in order to celebrate Bc's 80 year old birthday. It is always so happy to see how well BC and Pat are doing. I had to tell BC that 80 is new 60 since 100 is common place now a day. I am always fascinated how meticulously they decorated for the Christmas, especially a old American town with many years collection from Stein Mart. Also sided with skating man given by us several years ago. So cozy and warm. BC was so intrigued by this glass ball to reflect sunshine over the wall and tirelessly moved into a optimal spot until sun finally went away.

I am waiting to post them until now. Merry Christmas and happy New Year, BC and Pat. I have to tell you that I am so lucky to have you in my life.

Happy holiday to everyone!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Dream Is Still In the Pipeline

Just not sure how long it has elapsed since my last post. Really just lazy or not motivated or ... Well I did post some pictures once a while in my Facebook. But I can not believe that I have forgot my most loyal readers here - Pat and BC.

Finally I stepped out a tiny step to create my pipeline dream - my own brand which is culture meaningful and transcending. Here it is my first prototype which aims to just get touching and feeling. Those Zodiac characters are made by real Chinese peasant artists. Its imaginative purity makes it so authentic and inspires me.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Beautiful Morning

Evening Walk

David and Kevin's house is right on the edge of the desert. Kevin, Sammy and I took a nice walk before pot roast was slow cooked. Weather just could not be better. It was so pleasant. We walked about 25 minutes to see a reservoir. On the way back,we can see Restless Sin City under the dark from a distance.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dinner Special

1. Green Lettuce Salad with home made toasted garlic bread
2. Mush potato with minced onion and diced roasted jalapeno
3. Grilled skirt Steak marinated with red wind, rosamary, black pepper

Lunch Menu

Cucumber Salad with Peanut Soy Dressing
Grill Cheese
Grape and Salami